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Engine Tune Up


Las Vegas Valley auto owners have trusted us with their auto tune up and vehicle maintenance for over 20 years.

Discount Auto Repair has the state of art equipment required for performance testing on modern vehicles and the expertise required for an older model’s full engine tune up. Las Vegas Valley auto owners have trusted us with their auto tune up and vehicle maintenance for over 20 years. Their loyal patronage is a testimony to the service they expect and receive at Discount Auto Repair.

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Insist on a Quality Tune Up

Keeping your vehicle’s engine operating at premium performance levels is vital to maximize your fuel efficiency and keep your maintenance and repairs at a minimum. This is true, whether your vehicle has the typical computerized diagnostics available in modern vehicles or if you’re driving a collector vehicle that pre-dates new performance technology. When you bring your vehicle in for an auto tune up at Discount Auto Repair, you can be assured that every aspect of your engine’s performance will be tested and adjusted to meet manufacturer’s specifications. Here is a list of some items to expect in a quality tune up.

Computerized Diagnostics. The first step in the modern car tune up process is to read your vehicle’s diagnostic system to find any reports of malfunction. Any issues found through this read out will be the first items to be addressed during your engine tune up.

Spark Plugs. Checking spark plugs for adequate spark and changing out spark plugs if necessary would be another step in a thorough engine tune up. Checking compression of cylinders can be done as part of this step in your tune up, as well.

Intake and Exhaust Leaks. Leaks in your intake or exhaust system can make a negative impact upon your vehicle’s fuel efficiency and overall performance. A system check should be included in an engine tune up.

Las Vegas vehicle owners should request a a listing of the items that will be included in a car tune up checklist when comparing the services offered by auto repair shops to be sure you are making a fair comparison.

Get the Right Treatment in Las Vegas Valley

Auto Tune Up Service. At Discount Auto Repair, our goal is to keep your vehicle running at optimal performance at all times. The best way to ensure that this happens is to schedule required maintenance items as needed and a regular engine tune up. Las Vegas Valley does not have another auto service center that can perform an auto tuneup on almost any vehicle that comes to their door, like Discount Auto Repair can.

Client Focused Repairs. Following a complete engine tuneup, our technicians will provide you with a detailed review and estimate on any recommended repairs or maintenance items that should be addressed. No repairs will take place without your specific authorization and quality parts are always part of the right treatment.

20 Years of Experience. Discount Auto Repair is a locally owned and operated auto tune up service, which also provides full service auto repair and maintenance for your entire vehicle. With over 20 years of experience providing auto service, when it comes to an engine tune up, Las Vegas Valley vehicle owners trust us to do provide them with top performance.